About Us

Benasha (Pyt) LTD is an integrated development group, with particular focus on health & wellness services, consultancy services, research, communication, capacity-building through training and empowerment education. Benasha is based in South Africa but extends it services across Africa and the global south. We provide services that will empower people to take control over economic and social aspects of their lives and thereby, improve their living conditions. Our integrated development approach offers people active, innovative and sustainable development through evidence- and best practices-based models across Africa and other areas of the world. Benasha operates through four subsidiary entities; Health Consortium, Education, Training and Skills development, Creative Media and General Enterprising.

Our Health Consortium promotes the health and well-being of communities at individual, groups and institutional levels through facilitating, establishment and strengthening of capacity of systems and structures responding to diseases and other public health and social challenges. We creates an enabling environment to ensure a comprehensive and effective responses. Our scope of work and quality management is international. The consortium provides health promotion and disease prevention consultancy and research services that help people and organisations in their effort to promote health and development. We conduct research and investigative studies that will strengthen society’s ability to resist and ultimately overcome public health conditions as identified from time to time. We collaborate/partner with Universities and Research Institutions in Africa and across the globe. Our Consortium Partners includes: University of Limpopo DIMAMO in South Africa, Dynamic Public Health in Zimbabwe, U-Rise in the US, the School of Psychotherapy and Health Sciences in Nigeria and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE, Canada.

Our Education, Training and Skills Development Group focus on capacity-building and works with educational institutions, the South Africa National, Provincial and Local Governments; the Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA); the Local Government (LG) SETA;  Public Services SETA (PSETA);  Transport  Education and Training Authority (TETA); Services SETA; Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA); Agricultural (AGRI) SETA; Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and Institute of Business Advisors (IBA) in addressing the human resource gaps, alleviating poverty and improving functional literary in South Africa.


Our creative media division equips people fully in the digital art of directing, obtaining the business acumen of producer and gain the technical skills of editor. The endless technical possibilities and flexibility of digital technology make the digital format the preferred choice of some of the top film makers in the world today. We conceptualize, script, direct and edit films in the digital format.

Benasha is a hundred percent “Black” owned enterprise. One of Benasha’s main goal is to ensure that individuals and communities in Africa live above poverty. Our General Enterprising subsidiary group ventures in any other business that can lead to attaining this goal.

We are built on the philosophy of long term sustainability, solid principles of management and clear strategic goals. We positioned ourselves at a more competitive edge in the skills revolution by pledging to transfer skill, train, and coach and mentor clients at their workplace and beyond.


A leader in the empowerment of Africa through education, training and research necessary for quality health and development.


To shape a better future by creating a better life for many people in Africa. We do that through ensuring the provision of appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies as well as creating supportive environments.

Our Values

We strive for excellence, continuous improvement and value for clients

Our Beliefs

Our ethical and performance standard requires us to expend every effort to achieve best possible results by enshrining/espousing the following values and beliefs:

We will create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success through effective communication and co-operation.

We cultivate an environment of honesty, sincerity, and uphold the ethical standards.

We create and maintain a dynamic business climate in which a bold enterprising spirit prevails and change always seen as an opportunity.

We believe that all of our staff, learners and associate should enjoy a sense of belonging through teamwork, participation and involvement.

We exploit effective system of quality assurance

We will create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, mutual support and genuine interest in each other’s success through effective communication and co-operation.

Quality statement

Our approach to team building in our learning programs is based on learning principles and experiential learning activities. The participants experience work situations and people in a variety of situations as part of a learning process. The participants are encouraged to shared vision through informal outdoor and indoor activities.


Compassionate, honouring individuality and confidentiality

Our Overall Strategy

Our core business focus is to provide value-added services that meet the “basic need” of the population through building capacity and mobilizing resources in health, economic and social services in South Africa and across Africa.

Our Learning Strategy

Benasha is a break-through leading edge organisation that assists other organisations and individuals to become outstanding. We offer innovative, fresh and awesome management solutions that are results driven and value-adding. 

Our learning programmes are interactive and participative in nature to ensure maximum learning and behavioral change. Materials and programmes are workplace customized. An in-depth analysis is done to identify the constraints, bottlenecks and needs within our clients and/or their organizations.

Education, Training and Skills Offers
Certificates and National Certificates

Public Finance Management and Administration

Public Administration

Municipal Integrated Development planning

Municipal Governance

Leadership Development

Local Economic Development

Local Government Support 

Local government

Municipal financial management

Generic management

Public finance

Early Child Development

Occupational Directed Education and Training Practices

Youth Development

Mixed farming

Poultry Farming

Animal Production

Strategic Interventions

Facilitate Strategic Planning

Team Building-Outdoor & Indoor Activities

Coaching & Mentoring 

Business turn around strategies

SMME’s advice and mentor

Emotional intelligence and Self Mastery



Technical Financial Accounting

Municipal Financial Management

Office administration

Public finance management and administration

Small Business  financial Management

New Venture Creation

Creative Media Programme (Niki Media)

TV production


Broadcast Media Production

Screen Production

Web Technology

Screen Production Technology

Creative Screenwriting

Speaking and Presentation Skills development

Documentary Video Production



Events coverage

Skills Programmes

Diversity Management

Change Management

Knowledge Management

Conflict Resolution

Excellence in a Customer Service

Supply Chain Management

Finance Management for non-Financial Management

Negotiation Skills

Project Management

Assessor Training

Moderation Training

Industrial Relation & Disciplinary hearing

Management functions 

Leadership skills

Customer care and excellent selling skills

General services

We build prosperity and self-sufficiency in South Africa and across Africa. We create ventures that serves the interest of stakeholders, communities and people concerned.

Environment and Disaster

Environmental Practice

Environmental Noise Practice

Disaster and Risk Management

Land Transport Planning

Construction Road Works

Fire fighting

Our team of experts

Public Health Specialists

Medical Practitioners

Scientific Researchers

Legal Practitioners

Human Resource Practitioners

Skills Development Facilitators

Fully registered Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators

Accredited Business Advisor & Mentors

Accounting Officers

Union (Labour Movement) Organizers

Our Health and Welfare Programme (Benasha Health Consortium)

Benasha Consortium is a Network of institutions working together to strengthen community systems by building the capacity of organisations and people, promoting dialogue between sectors and channeling funding to deliver quality health and social services to key and vulnerable groups and individuals. We focus on those most affected by communicable and non-communicable diseases. We also address sexual and reproductive health and rights, issues affecting vulnerable children, young women and girls and gender-based violence. We also strive to find solutions to Africa’s health and socio-economic problems through conducting quality scientific and operational research and investigations. The Consortium carry out intervention, research and community engagement through consultancy services. Specific issues include:

Health promotion and education, including addressing health literacy and health iniquities;

Communicable and non-communicable diseases such as, HIV and AIDS/STIs/TB and Malaria, Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Responding to epidemics and pandemics;

Strengthening local and International health systems;

Addressing community-based management of acute malnutrition

Addressing water, energy and food systems

Addressing gender-based violence